2000-2019 BMW Models with Corresponding CAS/FEM Type Listed

Question: Is there a page or does someone have a list where all bmw models with the corresponding ews/cas type are listed?     Answer: Yes,  here obdii365.com provides 2000 to 2019 year BMW CAS FEM system list: 2000-2019 Year BMW CAS Systems MODELS CAS1  912DG128(3K91D) CAS2 9S12DG256(2K79X) CAS3 9S12DG256(0L01Y) CAS3+ 9S12XDP512(0L15Y) CAS4   9S12XDP512(1L15Y) 9S12XEP100(5M48H) […]

Autel IM608 Mercedes W172 W204 W207 All Keys Lost Programming

2012 Mercedes Benz C230 all keys lost key programming with Autel MaxiIM IM608 successfully.   FYI, there is another problem that can also cause the switch not to open and that could be the steering lock module (ESL) but on this case the key was the issue, because I changed the battery in the key […]

OBDSTAR Citroen Peugeot Odometer Correction Car List and Manual

OBDSTAR tools (X300 DP Plus & Odomaster) PSA Peugeot Citroen DS odometer correction vehicle coverage and instructions.     Part 1: Mileage Correction Coverage  OBDSTAR supports following PSA odometer correction car list:   PEUGEOTBSIAuto SelectManual Select Continental SC67050 + 95256 CAN (BSI-Q0X-00)JC easyCAN4F1M-32 + 95128 CAN (BSI04EV-K0X)JC easyCAN4 + 29LV400BB + 95128 CANJC SPC560B60 + […]

How to Enable Mercedes W213 Multibeam LED Functionality?

Car model: Mercedes Benz W213   Purpose: Unlocking the full functions of the multi-beam LED headlights   Why need it? Once you’ve used it, you’ll NEED it. It’s incredible to have the high beams on in traffic and be able to see 3 to 4 cars ahead. Best example is coming down my street behind […]

How to Configure BMW ICOM Next WiFi Connection?

How to Configure BMW ICOM Next WLAN to enable WiFi connection? 1. Run  ITool Radar to detect ICOM information2. Open IE browser and enter ICOM configuration address (based on current real ICOM IP )3. Select WLAN SettingsEnter WiFi settingsSave Changes.4. Disconnect LAN cable and restart ICOM, then ICOM will auto connect with WiFi . 5. If […]

BMW Battery Registration with Rheingold ISTA, Foxwell, Autel MaxiSys

You know, some vehicles today need to have their 12v staring batteries charge rate controlled by something called a battery control module, because as the battery ages it needs to be charged more aggressively than a new battery, so when you’re changing a battery on a vehicle like this, we have to update the information […]

Autel Scanners Registration, Update, Language FAQs

Here are the Autel all series diagnostic scanners registration, update, language change, common problems frequently asked questions and answers provided by Autel engineers.   Registration: Q1: How to register Autel ID?A1: Go to Autel website to register your Autel ID with email address: https://pro.autel.com/regCustomerInfo.html?operationType=1&m=1   Q2:. How can i found device S/N and register password?A2: […]

Launch HD III Module tests Injector Cutout on MAXX FORCE

This article will show how to use Launch HD III Module to work together with X431 Throttle (can also used with X431 V+, PAD3, PAD -AE or PAD2) on an International truck to perform basic functions incl. the injector programming, injector Cutout, engine compression test and how to do a parameter speed change on your […]

How to Solve BMW A0AA Fault by Resetting CAS ELV Steering Lock?

A0AA is a very common fault stored in BMW Car Access System (CAS). The fault can cause an annoying light and bing noise or even non start.  You can carry out a reset using an Autel MaxiSys system (i.e MaxiSys Elite, MaxiSys MS908P etc). Model example: BMW 630i coupe 2007   MaxiSys reads fault code: […]

Free Download Scania SDP3 2.44.1 Full

Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) communicates with Scania vehicles and Scania industrial and marine engines. The program has been developed to support the electrical system with CAN communication. The program is used for troubleshooting, adjusting customer parameters, calibrations, conversions affecting the electrical system and updating software in control units.   Scania SDP3 2.44.1 New […]