Guide on Launch Thinkdiag ABS Bleeding for Beginners

This article is available with the guide on how to use Launch Thinkdiag obd2 scanner to bleed Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) (car model: Chevrolet Suburban 2015),  if your brakes have been recently replaced, then you can go ahead and bleed them with this device.   Let’s go ahead and try Thinkdiag connected to the OBD2 […]

Yanhua Mini ACDP vs. Other IMMO / Odometer Programmers

Compared with the similar IMMO key programming and mileage programmers, Yanhua Mini acdp operation is much more user-friendly, therefore it also meet the needs of the newbies who has not rich chip welding skills and experience. For the details, please see below table. Yanhua Mini ACDP The Similar IMMO / ODO Programmer The mobile phone/PC […]

How to Read Renault Kangoo BCM N2 95160?

Purpose: read this bcm N2 renaultkangoo 95160 I would like clone donor one. I don’t have car.Need read mcu to do that. Solution: Check this Programmer to read: original Orange5 Kangoo 2008 (95160)Renault Kangoo 2008Original transponder PCF7936 PCF7946Allowed transponder PCF7936, PCF7946Data location 95160No. of keys 4 Immo location Dismount the plastic panel Disconnect plus and […]

How to Modify Opcom Type B to Type C with CH-CAN Support?

DIY modifying OP-COM Type B to OPCOM Type C to add CH-CAN support (only V5 board).   Credit to serges_71 from mhhauto forum.  You are at your risk. AFTER MODD SELECT IN PROGRAM INTERFACE TYPE C TO TEST.   In newer cars CH-CAN modules are:Adam – EPSZafira C – IMU, SAS, SADSInsignia – IMU, SAS, […]

Diagnostic Software for Chrysler Grand Voyager 2006 2.8 CRD

Question: which diagnostic software for Chrysler Grand Voyager 2006 2.8 CRD?   Tested: It looks like the 2006 voyager is covered by the DRB III. You can download a copy of witech with the DRB III emulator built in. You will need a scan tool compatible with witech though.   Here is free download witech […]